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Tech, productivity, and life.
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There’s no impact on your life if you pick the perfect burger at McDonald’s. You’re gonna eat it, then it’s gone.

Our days are filled with little decisions, problems where it’s just not worth searching for the optimal solution. In spite of this, we waste time digging into the details for inconsequential issues.

The internet has compounded this wasted effort by giving you access to an entire world of possible choices, alongside nearly infinite resources to research and over-analyze any decision. You can spend days choosing which version of a product you’ll buy or the best way to accomplish X.

It’s taken me a long time to give myself permission to write. For years, I was adamantly opposed to writing. I thought I could never be a writer, and never would have a desire to try. Part of my frustration with writing was the fear of failure. Writing isn’t like math, there is no simple evaluation of right and wrong everyone agrees on. The subjective nature of it scared me. How do you become better at something that is based on the interpretation of each reader? …

Man sitting on a ledge with a coffee next to him. He is scrolling on his Apple iPhone, probably for way too long.
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We’ve all done it. You’re scrolling through your phone, long past the “just a second” that you told yourself, when it hits you. Time Limit.

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Coding is a tool, but there is so much depth within that it often feels like an art form. There are many ways to approach the same problem with different frameworks, languages, and architectures. The end product could be the same but look totally different under the hood. This is the underlying reason coding is so dangerous for developers. With so much freedom, we can lose sight of the original goal: solving a problem.

It’s very easy to dive into a project and decide that you should build it from scratch because you’re a developer, you can code! …

There are two versions of your life: the one you are living in & the one you dream about.

The perfect life, where all your decisions are the best and you accomplish all the goals you set out to achieve, is sadly impossible to get to. I know, perfection isn’t real, it’s a shocker. That outlandish case would be a complete intersection of your two lives with no gap.

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The following is a collection of tips I’ve curated working with organizations using Slack ranging in size from 3 people to thousands. If you follow these tips, I can guarantee you will be well-known throughout your Slack workspace. For those who are literal and think I’m serious, this is a tongue-in-cheek article. Please please PLEASE do the exact opposite.

  • Never search for your question in a relevant channel, that wastes your own time. Quickly spit out a message (or four) that only gives part of the context needed to solve your issue.This forces a back-and-forth discussion to even understand the…

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